What is Legesher?

Legesher empowers developers to code in the context of their native language.
Legesher, an open-source, native language-based programming platform, creates new opportunities for developers around the world to learn, create and collaborate. Designed to seamlessly integrate into a developer's current workflow, innovation won't be lost in translation.
Legesher is currently in beta. Development is focused on implementing a native-language enabled Python programming language and IDE.
Legesher is also contributor-driven. It relies on the passionate members of its community (both developer and non-developer alike) to keep delivering impactful tools to people all over the world.


Computer Science, as a global discipline, is predominantly English-based. However, only ~4% of people in the world are native English speakers. Legesher creates access for non-native English-speaking developers to code using popular programming languages in the context of their native language. Legesher's open-source, native language-based programming platform is designed to bridge language barriers for education, innovation, and collaboration.


This documentation guide is to serve beginners who are learning how to code 💻, developers who are using Legesher to program their projects 👩💻 , and any individual (whether tech-savvy or not) who wants to share their creativity 🎨 and innovation 💡 with this project to propel it forward 🎁.
There are many elements that makeup Legesher's programming platform. Instructions and tutorials on how to use and contribute are included in this documentation.
Project Repository
Tree-sitter python grammar used by text editors allowing Legesher's languages to be implemented
legesher-python (coming soon!)
VS Code's programming language binding to allow syntax highlighting, code folding etc. to a specific grammar
Host and API of all the language translations for written languages for code keywords / concepts
Legesher's public website
Legesher's documentation hub for all repositories within the project
legesher (coming soon!)
Git integration to collaborate with code and others in other languages
A non-programmer's dream to contributing to open source by sharing what they know and learning what's new


A message from Legesher's founder, Madi:
It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by a community of passionate, driven individuals who love sharing their gifts to creating better products together. Your contribution means the world to me and keeps me motivated to continue creating. This wouldn't be possible without you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
Our biggest thanks goes to our community (full of contributors, backers, sponsors, and supporters) that give a little piece of their heart to this project. Thank you so much!